Month: January 2022


Cylisticus is a genus of woodlice in the family Cylisticidae. There are at least 70 described species in Cylisticus.[1][2][3] Genus of crustaceans Cylisticus Cylisticus convexus […]

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Nasocorini is a tribe of plant bugs in the family Miridae. There are more than 50 genera in Nasocorini.[1][2][3] Nasocorini Salicarus roseri, United Kingdom Scientific […]

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Lusatian Neisse

The Lusatian Neisse[1][2][3] (German: Lausitzer Neiße; Polish: Nysa Łużycka; Czech: Lužická Nisa; Upper Sorbian: Łužiska Nysa; Lower Sorbian: Łužyska Nysa), or Western Neisse, is a […]

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