List of names for the biblical nameless

This list provides names given in history and traditions for people who appear to be unnamed in the Bible.

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Nicolas Poussin‘s Moses rescued from the Nile (1638) shows Pharaoh’s daughter, who is unnamed in the Bible, but called Bithiah in Jewish tradition.

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Revelation 12 identifies the serpent with Satan, unlike the pseudepigraphalapocryphalApocalypse of Moses (Vita Adae et Evae) where the Devil works with the serpent.[1]

The pseudepigraphacalBook of Jubilees provides names for a host of otherwise unnamed biblical characters, including wives for most of the antediluvianpatriarchs. The last of these is Noah’s wife, to whom it gives the name of Emzara. Other Jewish traditional sources contain many different names for Noah’s wife.

The Book of Jubilees says that Awan was Adam and Eve‘s first daughter. Their second daughter Azura married Seth. For many of the early wives in the series, Jubilees notes that the patriarchs married their sisters.

Patriarch Wife
Cain Âwân
Seth Azûrâ
Enos Nôâm
Kenan Mûalêlêth
Mahalalel Dinah
Jared Baraka
Enoch Edna
Methuselah Edna
Lamech (Seth’s line) Betenos
Noah Emzârâ

The Cave of Treasures and the earlier Kitab al-Magall (part of Clementine literature) name entirely different women as the wives of the patriarchs, with considerable variations among the extant copies.

The Muslim historian Ibn Ishaq (c. 750), as cited in al-Tabari (c. 915), provides names for these wives which are generally similar to those in Jubilees, but he makes them Cainites rather than Sethites, despite clearly stating elsewhere that none of Noah’s ancestors were descended from Cain.

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