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Geo-Force (Prince Brion Markov) is a fictional superhero character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Markov is the younger Prince Twin of Markovia and the elder brother of Terra.[1] One of the founding members of the superhero group the Outsiders, he first appeared in a special insert in The Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983). The character was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo.[2]


Geo-Force, as he appeared on the cover of Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1 (January 1984). Art by Jim Aparo and Frank Miller.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Mentioned: New Teen Titans #28 (February 1983)
Appeared: The Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983)
Created by Mike W. Barr
Jim Aparo
In-story information
Alter ego Prince Brion Markov
Species Metahuman
Place of origin Markovia
Team affiliations Justice League
Abilities Connection to the Geo-Force

  • Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, stamina and nigh-invulnerability
  • Heat manipulation
  • Earth manipulation

Brion is able to manipulate the Earth itself by vibrating and transforming its crust (the ground). He can use this power to create earthquakes, tap into lava flows, and levitate or create shapes out of solid rock.

  • Gravity manipulation

Make an object heavier or lighter. Gravity force field, he can create a gravitational field around people or a wall of gravity in front of an area to make it impassable. He also uses this ability to create bridges or a separating force.

  • Self-sustenance
  • Generation & manipulation of lava, magma and super heat
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Geo-positional tracking

Natural abilities

  • Leader
  • Political activist
  • Diplomatic immunity
  • Master combatant
  • Skilled tactician
  • Aviation
  • Bi-lingual

The character has made scattered appearances throughout animated and live-action media, such as Young Justice: Outsiders and the third season of the Arrowverse series Black Lightning, portrayed by Jahking Guillory.

. . . Geo-Force . . .

Dr. Helga Jace used a device to give Prince Brion Markov superpowers with which he could stop an insurrection mounted by the evil Baron Bedlam.[2] Five other superheroes converge on Markovia for various reasons of their own. Veteran heroes Batman, Metamorpho, and Black Lightning join forces with Geo-Force and two other new heroes, Katana and Halo. After stopping the insurrection, the heroes decide to remain together as the Outsiders, with Batman (who has resigned from the Justice League) as team leader.[3]

Brion gets along with his teammates, though he occasionally butts heads with Batman and his teammates due to his short temper. When he is not active as a superhero, Brion attends college in the US and begins dating classmate Denise Howard.

In one of their earliest missions, the Outsiders team up with the Teen Titans, who are led at the time by Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Geo-Force is the brother of Tara Markov, also known as Terra, of the Titans.[2] Tara is the product of an affair King Markov (Brion’s father) had with an unnamed American woman. Fearing scandal, the king sent Tara to be raised in the United States. Unbeknownst to Geo-Force and her fellow Titans, Terra is secretly a spy working for Deathstroke. Brion is happy to be reunited with his half-sister, though Terra is less happy due to her fears that Brion will say the wrong thing and possibly expose the fictional back-story she has told the Titans about herself and how she gained her powers.

Several weeks later, Terra betrays the Titans for Deathstroke. In the climactic battle between Titans and the alliance of Deathstroke and Terra, Terra’s sociopathic personality breaks down as she tries to kill both the Titans and Deathstroke, when Deathstroke’s son Joseph intervenes on behalf of the Titans to stop his father. In the end, Terra accidentally kills herself when she tries to bury the Titans alive in a massive rock storm. At first, the Titans do not tell Geo-Force of her betrayal, letting him think that she has died a hero. However, Batman later reveals the truth to Geo-Force, which leaves him even more heartbroken.

In his depression, Geo-Force cannot bring himself to continue wearing his earthtone costume, as it reminds him of Tara, who wore a similar uniform. Designed and suggested by Batman, a new green and gold costume is presented to Brion by his teammates to lift his spirits. It works well, and Geo-Force wears green and gold for most of his career. The colors have a dual importance to Geo-Force as both the colors of his native Markovia’s flag, as well as symbolically representing the Earth, from which his powers are derived (green), while reminding him how precious his gifts truly are (gold). By the time he joins the Justice League, however, Geo-Force has returned to another version of his old earthtone uniform.

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