List of scheduled monuments in Caerphilly

Caerphilly County Borough straddles the boundary of the historic counties of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire in South Wales. The 46 scheduled monuments include burial cairns from the Bronze Age, an Iron Age hillfort, and Roman camps. The medieval sites include two castles and a further four mottes as well as dwellings, crosses and churches. Finally the post-medieval sites include the blast furnaces and ironworks of the industrial period.

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Scheduled monuments have statutory protection. The compilation of the list is undertaken by Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments, which is an executive agency of the National Assembly of Wales.[1] The list of scheduled monuments below is supplied by Cadw[2] with additional material from RCAHMW and Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust.

. . . List of scheduled monuments in Caerphilly . . .

Image Name Site type Community Location Details Historic County Period SAM No
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Cairnfield on Mynydd Eglwysilan Round cairn Aber Valley

51.6223°N 3.2792°W / 51.6223; -3.2792 (Cairnfield on Mynydd Eglwysilan),

Glamorganshire 1Prehistoric GM352
Garnedd Lwyd Round cairn Aber Valley 51.6051°N 3.2904°W / 51.6051; -3.2904 (Garnedd Lwyd),
Glamorganshire 1Prehistoric GM462
Two Round Cairns on the Bryn Round cairn Aber Valley 51.6096°N 3.2479°W / 51.6096; -3.2479 (Two Round Cairns on the Bryn),
Glamorganshire 1Prehistoric GM463
Begwns Round Barrow, Mynydd Machen Round cairn Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen 51.6036°N 3.1222°W / 51.6036; -3.1222 (Begwns Round Barrow, Mynydd Machen),
Monmouthshire 1Prehistoric MM071
Cairn 270m N of Pont Ffosyrhebog Round cairn Darran Valley 51.7168°N 3.2857°W / 51.7168; -3.2857 (Cairn 270m N of Pont Ffosyrhebog),
Glamorganshire 1Prehistoric GM313
Maen Cattwg (cup-marked stone) Cup-marked stone Gelligaer 51.6689°N 3.2638°W / 51.6689; -3.2638 (Maen Cattwg (cup-marked stone)),
Glamorganshire 1Prehistoric GM176
Bryn Owen Farm Cairns, Llanfabon Round cairn Llanbradach 51.6096°N 3.2378°W / 51.6096; -3.2378 (Bryn Owen Farm Cairns, Llanfabon),
Glamorganshire 1Prehistoric GM051
Cairn Cemetery on Mynydd Bach, Bedwas Round cairn Maesycwmmer 51.6206°N 3.2025°W / 51.6206; -3.2025 (Cairn Cemetery on Mynydd Bach, Bedwas),
Monmouthshire 1Prehistoric MM196
Pen-y-Rhiw Round Cairn Round cairn Maesycwmmer 51.6204°N 3.2033°W / 51.6204; -3.2033 (Pen-y-Rhiw Round Cairn),
Monmouthshire 1Prehistoric MM149
Carneddi Llwydion Round cairn Nelson 51.6198°N 3.294°W / 51.6198; -3.294 (Carneddi Llwydion),
Glamorganshire 1Prehistoric GM302
Round Cairn 315m S of Upper Wenallt Round cairn Risca 51.609°N 3.0754°W / 51.609; -3.0754 (Round Cairn 315m S of Upper Wenallt),
Monmouthshire 1Prehistoric MM046
Twyn Cae-Hugh Round Barrow Round barrow Ynysddu 51.6163°N 3.1947°W / 51.6163; -3.1947 (Twyn Cae-Hugh Round Barrow),
Monmouthshire 1Prehistoric MM033
Twyn-Yr-Oerfel Round Barrows Round barrow Ynysddu 51.6091°N 3.1839°W / 51.6091; -3.1839 (Twyn-Yr-Oerfel Round Barrows),
Monmouthshire 1Prehistoric MM070
Ruperra Hillfort and Motte Hillfort Rudry 51.5733°N 3.1231°W / 51.5733; -3.1231 (Ruperra Hillfort and Motte),
Glamorganshire 1.5Prehistoric GM511
Cefn Manmoelcross-ridge dyke Cross Ridge Dyke Argoed, (also Cwm, Blaenau Gwent) 51.7442°N 3.2018°W / 51.7442; -3.2018 (Cefn Man Moel Cross-Ridge Dyke),
Linear defensive earthwork which may be from neolithic or medieval period. This site crosses the border into Blaenau Gwent Monmouthshire 1.9Unknown MM345
Rectangular Earthworks 530m SSW of Heol-Ddu-Uchaf Practice camp Bargoed 51.6845°N 3.2477°W / 51.6845; -3.2477 (Rectangular Earthworks 530m SSW of Heol-Ddu-Uchaf),
Glamorganshire 2Roman GM164
Fforest Gwladys Roman practice camp Practice camp Gelligaer 51.6838°N 3.2579°W / 51.6838; -3.2579 (Fforest Gwladys Roman practice camp),
Glamorganshire 2Roman GM273
Gelligaer Roman Site Fort Gelligaer 51.667°N 3.2548°W / 51.667; -3.2548 (Gelligaer Roman Site),
Glamorganshire 2Roman GM016
Fort South of Pen-Llwyn-Fawr Fort Pontllanfraith 51.651°N 3.195°W / 51.651; -3.195 (Fort South of Pen-Llwyn-Fawr),
Monmouthshire 2Roman MM096
Cross Ridge Dyke & Cairn on Twyn Hywel Cross Ridge Dyke Aber Valley, (also Pontypridd) 51.6116°N 3.3007°W / 51.6116; -3.3007 (Cross Ridge Dyke & Cairn on Twyn Hywel),
(The dyke crosses the border into Rhondda Cynon Taf) Glamorganshire 3Unknown GM456
Capel Gwladys Chapel Darran Valley 51.6856°N 3.2671°W / 51.6856; -3.2671 (Capel Gwladys),
Glamorganshire 3Early Medieval GM309
Dyke 387m E of Clawdd Trawscae Farm Ditch Darran Valley 51.6944°N 3.278°W / 51.6944; -3.278 (Dyke 387m E of Clawdd Trawscae Farm),
Glamorganshire 3Early Medieval GM261
Site of Tegernacus Stone Inscribed stone Darran Valley 51.7157°N 3.2498°W / 51.7157; -3.2498 (Site of Tegernacus Stone),
Glamorganshire 3Early Medieval GM339
St. Sannan’s Churchyard Cross, Bedwellty Cross Argoed 51.6951°N 3.2074°W / 51.6951; -3.2074 (St. Sannan’s Churchayrd Cross, Bedwellty),
Monmouthshire 4Medieval MM310
Bedwas Churchyard Cross Cross Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen 51.5954°N 3.1981°W / 51.5954; -3.1981 (Bedwas Churchyard Cross),
Monmouthshire 4Medieval MM143
House Platforms to W of Mynydd Machen House platform Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen 51.6043°N 3.1249°W / 51.6043; -3.1249 (House Platforms to W of Mynydd Machen),
Monmouthshire 4Medieval MM337
Caerphilly Castle Castle Caerphilly 51.5763°N 3.2206°W / 51.5763; -3.2206 (Caerphilly Castle),
Glamorganshire 4Medieval GM002
Castell Morgraig Castle Caerphilly, (also Lisvane) 51.5519°N 3.213°W / 51.5519; -3.213 (Castell Morgraig),
(Site is on the border with Cardiff) Glamorganshire 4Medieval GM031
Capel y Brithdir Chapel Darran Valley 51.7149°N 3.2481°W / 51.7149; -3.2481 (Capel y Brithdir),
Glamorganshire 4Medieval GM451
Platform Houses on East Side of Gelligaer Common Platform house Darran Valley 51.7164°N 3.2806°W / 51.7164; -3.2806 (Platform Houses on East Side of Gelligaer Common),
Glamorganshire 4Medieval GM311
Three Platform Houses on Cefn Brithdir Platform house Darran Valley 51.7193°N 3.2623°W / 51.7193; -3.2623 (Three Platform Houses on Cefn Brithdir),
Glamorganshire 4Medieval GM317
Twyn Castell Motte Gelligaer 51.6646°N 3.2496°W / 51.6646; -3.2496 (Twyn Castell),
Glamorganshire 4Medieval GM121
Twmbarlwm Mound and Bailey Castle Motte Risca 51.6272°N 3.0961°W / 51.6272; -3.0961 (Twm-Barlwm Mound and Bailey Castle),
Monmouthshire 4Medieval MM044
Gwern-y-Domen Castle Mound Motte Van 51.5837°N 3.192°W / 51.5837; -3.192 (Gwern-y-Domen Castle Mound),
Glamorganshire 4Medieval GM218
Twyn Tudor Motte Ynysddu 51.6373°N 3.1669°W / 51.6373; -3.1669 (Twyn Tudor),
Monmouthshire 4Medieval MM035
Charcoal Blast Furnace at Abercarn Blast Furnace Abercarn 51.6471°N 3.1342°W / 51.6471; -3.1342 (Charcoal Blast Furnace at Abercarn),
Monmouthshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern MM250
Cornish Type Engine House, Bryngwyn Colliery Engine house Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen 51.5962°N 3.2111°W / 51.5962; -3.2111 (Cornish Type Engine House, Bryngwyn Colliery),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM440
Machen Forge and Tinplate Works Water Power System Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen 51.593°N 3.1511°W / 51.593; -3.1511 (Machen Forge and Tinplate Works),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM516
Caerffili Mountain Shaft Mounds Shaft Mounds Caerphilly 51.5583°N 3.2229°W / 51.5583; -3.2229 (Caerffili Mountain Shaft Mounds),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM454
Former Dam of Cwmcarn Canal Reservoir Dam Crosskeys 51.6353°N 3.1249°W / 51.6353; -3.1249 (Former Dam of Cwmcarn Canal Reservoir),
Monmouthshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern MM259
Pen-y-fan Pond Reservoir Crumlin 51.6979°N 3.1641°W / 51.6979; -3.1641 (Pen y Fan Canal Reservoir),
Canal Reservoir Monmouthshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern MM269
Caerphilly Iron Furnace Ironworks Penyrheol,Trecenydd and Energlyn 51.5815°N 3.2394°W / 51.5815; -3.2394 (Caerphilly Iron Furnace),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM503
Rhymney Upper Furnace Blast Furnace Rhymney 51.7741°N 3.2934°W / 51.7741; -3.2934 (Rhymney Upper Furnace),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM403
Rudry Ironworks Ironworks Rudry 51.5873°N 3.1622°W / 51.5873; -3.1622 (Rudry Ironworks),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM357
Ruperra Castle House (domestic) Rudry 51.5703°N 3.1271°W / 51.5703; -3.1271 (Ruperra Castle),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM379
Ruperra Castle lower summerhouse remains Garden building Rudry 51.5729°N 3.1221°W / 51.5729; -3.1221 (Ruperra Castle lower summerhouse remains),
Glamorganshire 5Post-Medieval/Modern GM590

Scheduled monuments in Caerphilly, Wales.
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