Catholic particular churches and liturgical rites

A particular church (Latin: ecclesia particularis) is an ecclesiastical community of faithful headed by a bishop (or equivalent), as defined by Catholic canon law and ecclesiology. A liturgical rite depends on the particular church the bishop (or equivalent) belongs to. Thus “particular church” refers to an institution, and “liturgical rite” to its ritual practices.

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Particular churches are grouped by rite.
Alexandrian Rite
Armenian Rite
Byzantine Rite
East Syriac Rite
Latin liturgical rites
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Particular churches exist in two kinds:

  1. An autonomous particular church sui iuris: an aggregation of particular churches with distinct liturgical, spiritual, theological and canonical traditions.[1] The largest such autonomous particular church is the Latin Church. The other 23 Eastern Catholic Churches are headed by bishops, some of which are titled Patriarch or Major Archbishop. In this context the descriptors autonomous (Greek: αὐτόνομος, romanized: autónomos) and sui iuris (Latin) are synonymous, meaning “of its own law”.
  2. A local particular church: a diocese (or eparchy) headed by a bishop (or equivalent), typically collected in a national polity under an episcopal conference. However, there are also other forms, including apostolic vicariates, apostolic prefectures, military ordinariates, personal ordinariates, personal prelatures, and territorial abbacies.[2]

Liturgical rites also exist in two kinds:

  1. Liturgical rite: a liturgical rite depending on the tradition of an autonomous particular church sui iuris
  2. Catholic order liturgical rite: a variant of a liturgical rite exceptionately depending on a specific religious order

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Name Est. Rite Seat Polity Jurisdictions Bishops Members
Coptic Catholic Church 1741 Alexandrian Cathedral of Our Lady, Cairo, Egypt Patriarchate 8 13 187,320
Eritrean Catholic Church[3] 2015 Kidane Mehret Cathedral, Asmara, Eritrea Metropolitanate 4 4 167,722
Ethiopian Catholic Church 1846 Cathedral of the Holy Saviour, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Metropolitanate 4 4 70,832
Armenian Catholic Church 1742 Armenian Cathedral of Saint Elias and Saint Gregory, Beirut, Lebanon Patriarchate 18 16 757,726
Albanian Greek Catholic Church 1628 Byzantine Pro-Cathedral of Saint Mary and Saint Louis, Vlorë, Albania Apostolic administration 1 2 4,028[4]
Belarusian Greek Catholic Church 1596 none none[note 1] 0 0 9,000[5]
Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church 1861 Cathedral of the Dormition, Sofia, Bulgaria Apostolic exarchate 1 1 10,000
Greek Catholic Church of Croatia and Serbia[6]:1140 1611 several[note 2] no unified structure[note 2] 2 2 42,965
Greek Byzantine Catholic Church 1911 several[note 3] no unified structure[note 3] 2 2 6,016
Hungarian Greek Catholic Church 1912 Cathedral of Hajdúdorog, Debrecen, Hungary Metropolitanate 3 4 262,484
Italo-Albanian Catholic Church 1784 several[note 4] no unified structure[note 4] 3 2 55,812
Macedonian Greek Catholic Church 2001 Cathedral of the Assumption, Strumica, North Macedonia Eparchy 1 1[note 5] 11,374
Melkite Greek Catholic Church 1726 Cathedral of the Dormition, Damascus, Syria Patriarchate 29 35 1,568,239
Romanian Greek Catholic Church 1697 Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Blaj, Romania Major archiepiscopate 7 8 498,658
Russian Greek Catholic Church 1905 none[note 6] none[note 6] 2 0 3,200[citation needed]
Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church 1646 Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Pittsburgh, United States Metropolitanate[note 7] 6 8 417,795
Slovak Greek Catholic Church 1646 Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Prešov, Slovakia Metropolitanate 4 6 211,208
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church 1595 Cathedral of the Resurrection, Kyiv, Ukraine Major archiepiscopate 35 50 4,471,688
Chaldean Catholic Church 1552 East Syriac Cathedral of Our Lady of Sorrows, Baghdad, Iraq Patriarchate 23 23 628,405
Syro-Malabar Catholic Church 1599 Synod of Diamper[citation needed] Cathedral of Our Lady, Ernakulam, Kerala, India Major archiepiscopate 35 63 4,251,399
Maronite Church 4th c. West Syriac Church of Bkerke, Bkerke, Lebanon Patriarchate 29 50 3,498,707
Syriac Catholic Church 1781 Syriac Catholic Cathedral of Saint Paul, Damascus, Syria Patriarchate 16 20 195,765
Syro-Malankara Catholic Church 1930 Cathedral of Saint Mary, Pattom, Kerala, India Major archiepiscopate 12 14 458,015
Latin Church 1st c. Latin Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran, Rome, Italy Patriarchate 1,295,000,000
Other various[note 8] several[note 9] Ordinariates 6 6[note 10] 47,830
Total 2,851[note 11] 5,304 1.313 billion

. . . Catholic particular churches and liturgical rites . . .

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